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JUNE 2015


Multiple Presenters:  Relaxation Techniques/Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction Techniques


MAY 2015

Christopher Butler: Physiology of Emotions

Lawrence Rosen, MD: Pediatric Integrated Mental Health


APRIL 2015

Bruce Friedman: ADHD and Tics
David Mitnick: Neuro-Inflammation in Schizophrenia and Autism: A Role for Minocycline?
Keri N. Wasser, MD: PANS & PANDAS update




Bruce Friedman: Light Therapy

Mitnick et al: Alternatives to Medication



Gerry Costa, the Autism Center at Montclair State University



Brian Friedlander, Assistive Technology 


EdCampAccessNewJersey - March 7, 2015 (free workshop)



JUNE 2014


Metaphor In Therapy

Metaphor Contributions from Members



2014-15 Presentations and Handouts

Member Publications

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