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Mentoring services from Professional Growth Seminars

"I have seen many therapists over the years and I think you are a great clinician. Please let me know if I can observe you working any time or get some advice with evaluations."

An occupational therapist

Mentoring Services



PGS director Laurie Kalb, OT, creates mentorships with recent graduates, occupational therapy assistants and/or therapists, including those with minimal pediatric experience, looking to broaden their skills in areas of pediatric occupational therapy practice. She can also provide guidance to private practitioners helping them assure quality practice management.


As the former owner and director of Pediatric Potentials in Livingston, New Jersey, Laurie developed the premier practice in Essex County, New Jersey and has consulted with other practitioners in a variety of states.


She has mentored individual OTs, as well as providing supervisory services at the integrated preschool at Montclair State University’s Ben Samuels Children’s Center. If you are an OT interested in Laurie’s mentorship services, contact us at


PGS has an exceptional network of physical therapists, special education providers, speech and language therapists, school guidance personnel, psychologists, learning consultants, educators social skills coordinators, social workers, and nutritionists who can provide mentorship services to recent graduates in those fields. If you are interested in these mentorship services, contact us at




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