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Leah Kuypers will teach The Zones of Regulation in Livingston, NJ

Leah Kuypers


Leah Kuypers created The Zones of Regulation®, a framework designed to teach self-regulation, and is author of the book and app by the same name (2013, Social Thinking Publishing; 2013, Selosoft, Inc.).


She has practiced as an OT/autism specialist in school and clinical settings, specializing in self-regulation and social learning, and has worked with students of all ages and challenges, including anxiety, ADHD, and ASD.


In addition to working with students, Leah provides trainings and consultation to parents and professionals on self-regulation and challenging behavior, and offers workshops on the Zones to groups across North America. 


Leah earned a BS in Occupational Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Graduate Certificate in Autism, and an MA is Education from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN.   She currently resides in Minneapolis, MN with her husband, son, daughter and dog.

Praise for Leah Kuyper's
Zones of Regulation workshops


"This is one of the most useful days of professional development I have ever attended."

Speech-language pathologist, San Diego Unified Schools, California

"Presenter was engaging, professional, knowledgeable, humorous and 'real.' Lots of practical ideas for incorporating lessons into the classroom."

Special educator, SASAD, Illinois

"Out of my 16 years as a school social worker I can count on one hand the workshops I have attended that provided extremely meaningful AND applicable information in which research has effectively been bridged with hands-on material that I can turn around and USE right away with students in a meaningful, highly impactful way. THIS is one of those workshops."

School social worker, Minneapolis Public Schools, Minnesota


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