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Professional Growth Seminars provides  cutting edge and topical material for:  occupational and physical therapists, special education providers, speech and language therapists, school guidance personnel, psychologists, learning consultants, educators social skills coordinators, social workers, nutritionists and parents.  Workshops and creative experiences are also being developed for artists and non-artists.




Have a favorite speaker? Interested in learning more about a topic not being presented in your area? Let us know, and we will make every effort to ensure high quality presentations are offered at affordable prices in convenient and appealing locations.

In addition to presenting half day, full day and multi-day workshops, we can also uniquely develop your own seminar for a team or group, as well as work with you to coordinate a memorable event.


Why It's 'Self-Reg,' Not Self-Control,
That Matters Most For Kids

Came across this great article about self-
regulation, and a new book by Stuart Shankar!


Growth Seminars



Professional Growth Seminars, LLC offers workshops, speaker services and study groups for educational, health care and social service professionals.


Our company focuses on creating and hosting exceptional workshop and speaker services. We provide quality education and instruction on trending relevant topics.


A new section will focus on Art Club/Art Enthusiast workshops,events and opportunities for artists and non-artists.  Creative Explorations is an area of growing interest.


To speak with an experienced member of our staff, simply contact us by email at




  • Child Development Workshops  

  • Education Workshops

  • Health Care Seminars

  • Occupational Therapy Mentoring and Coaching

  • Preschool Lunch & Learn and ConsultingWorkshops

  • Artist workshops/events

   and more

Did You Know?

We offer workshops, speakers and study groups. We're taking suggestions to bring the high quality workshop or speaker you want to your local venue. Click here to find out more.

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